For more than forty years, I have devoted myself to helping clients successfully deal with challenging problems and situations affecting individuals, families and small businesses. My services range from the preparation of simple wills and deeds to the complexities of settling a decedent estate or administering a trust.

I am licensed to practice before all state courts in Ohio and the federal courts of the Southern District of Ohio.  I am currently a member of the Clermont County and Ohio State Bar Associations, and in the past I have served my profession as President of the Clermont County Bar Association and Chairman of the local Certified Grievance Committee.

I limit my practice to matters of estate planning, real estate, business organization, guardianships, and administration of decedent estates and trusts.  Where these matters intersect with litigation, I will associate with trial counsel.  In other matters confronting my clients which fall outside my expertise, I am pleased to give referrals.

I place a high value on cultivating and maintaining a good relationship with my clients. Key elements in this process are having a mutual understanding of what is to be accomplished, developing reasonable expectations in regard to outcome, properly assessing time requirements, costs and fees, communicating on a frequent basis, and completing matters entrusted to me in a timely manner.

My clients can expect to be educated on the law, public policies, and the legal system, and to  receive sound advice and direction.  In return, I expect my clients to provide information and resources necessary to the task and to be willing to resolve conflicts in a practical and advantageous manner.

I subscribe to the Lawyer’s Creed and a Lawyer’s Aspirational Ideals as adopted by the Supreme Court of Ohio in its publication of Professional Ideals.

If you are interested in establishing an attorney-client relationship, or simply exploring the possibility of doing so, please email to lw@lawrencewalkerlaw.com or call 513-405-6384 for an appointment.

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